Manage massively distributed jobs with Rancher and Mesos.

Mesos was designed to handle hugely distributed workloads, and is the operational foundation for web-scale companies across the world. Rancher now makes it easy to deploy, manage, and upgrade Mesos infrastructure and frameworks.

Simple Deployment of Mesos Clusters and Frameworks

Rancher automates the deployment and upgrade of Mesos clusters and frameworks like Kafka, Marathon, and Chronos. Mesos slaves are automatically added to new hosts, and existing Mesos clusters are upgraded without impacting running workloads. It also performs fully automated upgrades of Mesos frameworks when new versions are available, so teams can spend more time building applications and less effort on scaling them.

Deploy and Manage Mesos Clusters

Deploying Mesos clusters with Rancher is simple. Rancher deploys the Mesos master and slave nodes, as well as Zookeeper as containers. Rancher monitors the health of the cluster, and upgrades the cluster when new releases are available.

Visibility for All

Rancher's rich UI complements other Mesos frameworks, providing an intuitive management experience across all your clusters, even those using other orchestrators. And with Rancher, you have visibility into every single container running on your infrastructure.

One-click Mesos Frameworks

The Rancher community catalog contains Mesos framework templates ready to deploy in just a few steps, and the catalog is growing every day. Now users can quickly deploy popular frameworks to support their most challenging workloads.

Always Open-Source

Rancher and Mesos are open-source projects, with lively and engaged communities. At Rancher Labs, we provide world-class support for companies running Mesos (or Kubernetes, or Docker Swarm) in production.

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